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Monday, December 4, 2017

These 2 Things Will Push Bitcoin Higher In 2018


  • Bitcoin is the standard for the digital currency asset class and being the first on the scene is a massive advantage.
  • Futures will accelerate price discovery and allow for institutions and large investors to finally get exposure.
  • Bitcoin should keep moving higher into 2018.

Bitcoin’s first mover advantage and the listing of bitcoin futures that will begin to trade this month are both tremendous positives for the digital currency that we believe will help it continue to move higher into 2018. The fact that bitcoin is the currency that created the asset class and the immeasurable amount of liquidity that bitcoin futures are going to create are both meaningful positives for the digital currency heading into 2018.

Balance in Our Bitcoin Discourse

Despite bitcoin's astronomical move higher already, we have tried to take a measured approach in identifying both strengths and weaknesses of the new asset class during our series of articles that we have written about it. We have been bullish on bitcoin, encouraging readers to “buy one bitcoin and forget about it“ while the price was about $1400. Those who followed that advice have made nearly 10 times their initial investment at this point and we don’t have any reason to believe that price appreciation is going to stop anytime soon.

While our last article tried to pepper in some balance in laying out what we believe to be one of bitcoin's biggest weaknesses, today we wanted to put two more new bricks in the wall of the bullish argument and talk about two big advantages that we think are going to continue to propel bitcoin higher as we head into 2018. So far, our price targets of $5,000 and $10,000 have both been met and for 2018, we don’t believe that $25,000 is an unreasonable price for bitcoin. As you may have noticed, the higher the price goes, the quicker it appreciates. Some would argue that this is a bubble, we argue that this is just the long lost art of supply and demand when supply is limited and the asset in question could be a potential disruptor.

We want to talk about two things today. The first is why we think bitcoin will take precedence over other digital currencies and the second is why we think bitcoin futures are going to be an immense positive for the digital asset going forward.



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